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Will Brighton be Swallowed By The Sea?? Will Climate Change Destroy My City?

Academic References and Graphs that are supplemental to the Article about Brighton shown above
(This article is a sub-article of the main article above – which is about sea-level)
An article about Extreme Environmentalists
An article about David Attenborough
This article is really about “Sustainability,” “Agenda 21″and “One Planet Brighton”


An article about how the Education System has been influenced by politicians so as to not teach Evidence Based Believing.
A description of Evidence Based Believing that also explains what “Black Swan” events are.
Inspired by my study of Karl Popper.


The vaccination problem is – basically – about the power of governments to force the public to believe gigantic lies about anything it wants to (in general) and vaccination in particular.

Government officials (especially in the UK and the USA) make dishonest claims that vaccines are “safe and effective.”

Now – just so as to quickly prove that they do lie by showing that the claim that vaccines are “safe” is definitely false – I’ll jump straight in with the following two of my blog articles:-

  1. Vaccination. Apparently governments are crazy conspiracy theorists/
    Proof that some vaccines harm some people and proof that some people lie about this.
  2. A List of Court cases in which a causal link between Vaccination and Autism has been proven:-

So,  Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe is a Liar!! Anyone at all. Whether they are a doctor or a politician they are still liars!

Having proven that some vaccines harm some people – and that therefore the official claims of “safety” are definitely false – I’d like to slow things down and take the time to examine what’s going on here in a broader, more intellectual way.

So, I’ll start by saying that there are two different types of proof involved in the vaccination issue.

  1. Legal proof.
    Proof to the standards of a Court of Law.
  2. Medical Proof
    In medicine – or more exactly in “Evidence Based Medicine” – Medical proof  is called “Clinical Trials”
    (see my blog article :- Evidence Based Believing)

There is plenty of legal proof that some vaccines harm some people. (see above) But what I think is the most glaringly significant feature of this appalling scandal ( The “Elephant in the Room”) is the absence of Clinical Trials (Medical proof).

There ought to be plenty of medical proof, especially since there is already so much legal proof.  Why hasn’t the extensive legal proof been enough to provoke the medical world to conduct large-scale clinical trials??

Well, the answer to that is – it turns out that governments keep stopping the Clinical Trials from being done.


Example 1

Even though the law says the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)should have filed vaccine safety reports every year for over 30 years they have not done so.

In 2017 Robert F Kennedy Jr (and ICAN) got the HHS to openly admit to not having filed any vaccine safety reports in over 30 years.


Example 2

The “Andrew Wakefield & MMR” debacle is about politicians (and “big pharma”) making sure that proper Clinical Trials are NOT carried out.

Here is a Timeline of what Happened to Dr Andrew Wakefield in the MMR vaccination scandal.

I also have another, different blog, here at My Other Blog


April 4th is the date that connects

  • * George Orwell  and
  • * Dr. Martin Luther King.


April 4, 1984” is the date that Winston Smith (of George Orwell’s novel “1984”) wrote on the first page of his secret diary. He knew that the surveillance state – called “Big Brother” in the novel – would execute him for having private opinions that contradicted government propaganda.

April 4, 1968 is the date of the execution of Martin Luther King, Jr. by American Deep State assassins within (or hired by) the US government.

For more detailed information about MLK see my blog articles:-